Paradise Environmental Group

Odor-Go is designed to be introduced at the odor source to eliminate, not mask, odors on contact. Best of all, Odor-Go is biodegradable, made of natural ingredients, which means Odor-Go eliminates odor without contaminating the environment with hazardous byproduct.

Odor-Go products are formulated to remove unpleasant odors – including troublesome odors such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia with origins from:

  • Agriculture
  • Commercial/ Manufacturing
  • Municipal Activities
  • Solid Waste Disposal
  • Home, Work or RV

Destroys Odor, Breaks Down Solids Quickly & Naturally!

  • Odor-Go is biodegradable, made from natural ingredients. Its usages include, but are not limited to, your home, workplace or RV. It removes soap scum from showers or bathtubs as well as cleans toilets and greasy hands. One of the benefits is the reduction of water usage, saving you both time and money! Odor-Go use in RVs eliminates odors from black/grey water tanks by breaking down solids quickly, leaving a cleaner tank.